Message From The Chairman


Chairman’s Message

The Oshawa Whitby Kiwanis Music Festival is celebrating its 49th year in 2020. Last year we experienced a very successful festival and we are very much looking forward to duplicating this success in 2020.

The mission of the Kiwanis Music Festival is to provide our youth and anyone else who has an interest in the arts, access to the adjudication process. This process is extremely valuable as it provides positive and constructive appraisal designed to encourage excellence. Whether or not the participant continues in music in a professional manner, the experience is very beneficial.

The Kiwanis Music Festival is supported by the three Oshawa Kiwanis Clubs and the Oshawa – Whitby community as well as fundraising events throughout the year.

Each year we have approximately 1500 entrants in solo voice, choirs, instrumental and bands. As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking that requires as many as 300 volunteers to oversee the various venues.

The budget for the festival is a very large financial undertaking for the Kiwanis Clubs of Oshawa. We therefor require the support of corporate sponsors as well as individuals to keep the costs down and also keep the entry fees to a minimum.

Please consider becoming a “Patron of the Festival”.  Your donation will go a long way to ensure that we are able to continue to provide this wonderful opportunity in the future.  We are a registered charity and offer tax receipts for your donations.

Every spring we present an event where we showcase our wonderful, talented, festival participants. This year we are planning something extra special.  Please consider supporting the festival by attending this very popular and enjoyable evening. Please stay tuned for further details.

I would like to personally thank the Music Festival Board of Directors and staff for their hard work and dedication, our corporate sponsors and other patrons for their financial support and the members of the Oshawa Kiwanis Clubs for continuing to support the festival.

Finally, on behalf of myself, our staff and our directors ….. a big thank you to all who participate in the festival 

We look forward to a very successful 2020 Kiwanis Music Festival.


John Chave, Chairman

Oshawa-Whitby Music Festival 2020