Secondary School Senior Band Grade 12 and under
Secondary School Junior Band Grade 10 and under
Secondary School Beginner Band Grade 9 with previous playing experience.
Secondary School Beginner Band Grade 9 with no previous playing experience.
Elementary School Senior Band Grade 8 and under
Elementary School Junior Band Grade 7 and under


Youth Concert or Brass Band - Open
Adult Concert or Brass Band - Open
Stage Band - Open


Secondary School Senior Stage Band - Concentration of performers from Grade 12
Secondary School Intermediate Stage Band - Concentration of performers from Grade 11
Secondary School Junior Stage Band - Concentration of performers from Grades 9 and 10
Elementary School Stage Band - Grade 8 and under


Secondary School Jazz Combo - Grade 9 - 12
Elementary School Jazz Combo - Grade 8 and under


1) No band or individual band member is to perform lower than their appropriate level, however, Bands and individual members may advance to a higher level if desired. Band directors are responsible for the correct placement of their group(s) and individual members.

2) Youth and Adult Concert Bands are open to all participants and groups where the membership has a broad community base.

3) Concert Bands are limited to 85 members due to available facilities. Special permission is required for larger groups. Directors are to CONTACT THE FESTIVAL COORDINATOR prior to registration.

4) Performers scheduled during the day will tune and warm up on stage.

5) Each piece performed by the band will receive a CD adjudication and/or a written adjudication.

6) A gold, silver or bronze standard will be awarded by the adjudicator. There will be no limit to the number of awards per class ( i.e. two golds and three silvers can be awarded in the same class).

7) Band directors are to provide one ORIGINAL copy of all music their groups will perform. The titles of all "own choice" selections MUST BE STATED ON THE ENTRY FORM. This information is used to program the groups.

8) Own choice selections should exemplify the full potential of the performing group. Performance of "pop" material is discouraged in all concert band, stage band and combo classes.


Bands will be adjudicated by one adjudicator. Directors are to provide ONE CONDUCTORS SCORE. The score should be presented prior to the beginning of the class and MUST HAVE BAR NUMBERS ON THE FIRST BAR OF EACH LINE OF MUSIC.

FOR CONCERT BAND CLASSES: The Festival will provide 45 Stands, 85 Chairs, One CD and/or written adjudication per entry. FOR STAGE BAND CLASSES: The Festival will provide, 15 chairs, 15 stands. Bands are required to bring own keyboard.

Directors are asked not to duplicate equipment due to a lack of space. Select an advance crew of 4-5 responsible students to set up the stage area. Conductors are asked to introduce their groups and the selections being Presented. GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE STANDARDS WILL BE AWARDED ON THE ADJUDICATOR'S EVALUATION AS FOLLOWS:

GOLD: A first rate performance showing excellence in all areas for the class of participants being judged.

SILVER: A commendable performance showing a high standard of musical accomplishment but lacking on one or more areas characteristic of a superior rating.

BRONZE: An good performance showing latitude for improvement.

These awards will be assigned in comparison to a recognized standard of excellence, with no limit placed on the number of awards given per class.

Please note the Format for each class (the committee reserves the right to adjust the time depending on the number of entries received in each class):

1. For classes that are 45 minutes long:
15 minutes set-up & tuning
15 minutes playing time
15 minutes Adjudication & Clinic

2. For Senior High School Bands which are one hour in length:
15 minutes set-up & tuning
25 minutes playing time
20 minutes Adjudication & Clinic

3. For Stage Band Classes which are one hour in length:
1/2 hour set-up and Performing
1/2 hour Adjudication & Clinic

4. For Stage Band Classes which are 45 minutes in length:
1/2 hour set-up and Performing
15 minutes Adjudication and Clinic

** The Board of the Music Festival reserves the right to cancel any classes if the number of entries in these classes are insufficient. Applicant fees will be returned in full.