Instrumental Solos

For students in elementary or secondary schools.

The Board of the Music Festival reserves the right to cancel any classes if the number of entries in these classes are insufficient. Applicant fees will be returned in full.

THIS MUST BE THE ONLY FORM OF INSTRUCTION. If the student also takes private lessons they are to enter the graded instrumental solos for students taking private lessons. Students are to enter these classes only under the supervision and instruction of their Elementary or Secondary school teacher. The teachers are to select the appropriate category.

The categories are:
(a) Beginner Elementary - First year of playing.
(b) Junior Elementary - Second year of playing.
(c) Senior Elementary - Third year of playing.
(d) Beginner Secondary - Grade nine beginner.
(e) Junior Secondary - Grade nine, ten and eleven.
(f) Senior Secondary - Grade twelve

Students may not enter a class which is below their level. Music selection for all classes is "Competitor's Own Choice".The following collections offer a wide range of suitable material for students in grade eleven and under, owever, participants are limited to this list:

Solos for Schools (Gordon V. Thompson)
Forty Little Pieces in Progressive Order - Louis Moyse
Little Classics - Ann McGinty
Concert and Contest Collection - Voxman
Solos for the Clarinet Player (Schirmer)
First Repertoire Pieces (Boosey and Hawkes)

For the SENIOR SECONDARY CLASSES "Competitor's own Choice" must be from concert material at or above the Grade 4 Royal Conservatory of Music level.

NOTE: Unless music is specifically for solo instrument, all soloists must have suitable accompaniment.
Participants must supply their own accompanists. Accompaniment is to be by piano only unless otherwise specified.

TAPED ACCOMPANIMENT IS PERMITTED. Participants are solely responsible for the tape. It is the responsibility of the participant to have the tape cued to start immediately. All participants must supply ORIGINAL music for the Adjudicator.

Photocopied music will not be accepted.

THERE ARE NON-COMPETITIVE CLASSES FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS AND SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS starting with Class 6280. Please indicate on the entry form the instrument being played as well as the level at which the student is studying. Programming will be done according to this information. Please note that these non-competitive classes will have an adjudication only. There is no eligibility for any awards or scholarships of the Festival.