Glee Club - Non Competitive

  • All performers, including instrumentalists, must be students of the participating school.  The only exception will be an instructor playing an accompanying instrument. 
  • Choirs are free to present any type of performance they wish with costumes and props.
  •  2 pieces of music. Music need not be provided for the judges.   Performance can include dialogue.
  • Costumes wear must be modest.  NO Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or muscle shirts
    NO Short shorts, or gym shorts (slightly above the knee is acceptable i.e. Golf shorts)
    NO showing of bellies or low cut tops or low-riding pants
  • Directors may be on stage with their choirs and may direct if they wish.
  • Pre recorded music and/or live accompaniment is permitted.  No CD players will be provided.  You must bring your own.  No use of microphones.
  • All equipment and performers must move on/off from stage in the time allotted.  No group will be allowed to move their equipment onto the auditorium stage until the previous performing group has completely cleared the back stage area.
  • In order to avoid congestion following your performance, all equipment, including that which is carried by individual performers (e.g. hats, canes, or other props), must exit  as directed by our stage crew and to your designated equipment holding area.  
  • Fog or dry ice and pyrotechnics are forbidden.

Competitors own choice unless otherwise noted.


GLEE CLUB - Primary Class - Non Competitive

See section notes above.

GLEE CLUB - Junior Class - Non Competitive

See section notes above.

GLEE CLUB - Grade 7 & 8 - Non Competitive

See section notes above.

GLEE CLUB - Grade 9 & 10 -Non Competitive

See section notes above.

GLEE CLUB - Grade 11 & 12 - Non Competitive

See section notes above.

GLEE CLUB - Community Group - Non Competitive

This class is for a community or non-school group. See section notes above.